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We understand no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Our practice is based on collaborating with clients. This is a process, no one has picked out a home from online research, called us to write a contract and closed one and done.
To make both our efforts effective, efficient and fun we have to collaborate. The first step is to understand why you want to buy here, how you will use the home, who will use the home, what your tastes are, your family’s lifestyle, and the price points you are considering.

Combining your expectations with our knowledge from being here since 1990 and successful finding homes for a diverse cross section of clients together we can help narrow down the choices so you can concentrate on areas and homes that will work best for your family.
Once we have viewed the best matches and recalibrated what the end home will look like we can start the market analysis of the homes. Together we will look over spread sheets of the active and sold properties to decided where you want to start making offers.
Once you are confident the offer the process falls make onto our team. Negotiating is the essential element here. As a certified negotiator and years of dealing with our local brokers and different seller mentalities you are going to get the best results.
After contract acceptance there is still lots to do: there is the appraisal and the inspections which can lead to the need for more negotiating on the price, who fixes what, what a new offer might be or extending the timeline for closing.

Our team will make sure that all commitments are met on time. If we need an extension we will get them to be sure the home is sound. You may decide this no longer a home you want to buy so we will cancel the contract and get your earnest money back.

Because all the earnest money his held by the title company your funds are protected. In Colorado the seller can not cancel a contract unless you fail to meet any notification deadlines. Any defects that are found will go on record and the seller will have to be disclose them to any subsequent buyers if you walk away. It is a process and every step will be taken with care.

You can set up your own search parameters to have new listings come directly to you from the Vail MLS automatically just as soon as they are posted. Also ask us for some comparative stats to get an understand of how different areas, different condominiums and different homes are priced

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